2019 OMS Graduating Seniors

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This year we said goodbye to five Okemo Mountain School seniors. All of great student-athletes have been with us for many years, along with a couple being the last of their siblings to graduate from OMS. While we will miss them, we know that they are on to do great things with their lives and we wish them the very best.

Jillian Mirabile- Alpine Ski Racing

“Next year, I will be attending the University Of Michigan, majoring in nursing. They offer a club ski team there, which I am heavily considering. OMS has given me life skills that I plan to take to college including time management, dedication, and a strong work ethic. My experience at OMS is what made me stand out to many of the colleges I applied to, showing admission councilors that I have the skills needed to succeed at the college level. Without OMS, I am unsure if I would be able to have all the opportunities I have today.”

Brooke Moran- Alpine Ski Racing

“I am attending Colgate University next year and planning on studying Pre-Med.  I will continue racing on their club ski team. I went to OMS to nurture my love for ski racing, but left a better competitor and more well-rounded person.  The close-knit community of nearly fifty other students allowed me to admire the different idiosyncrasies and perspectives each person presented. My growth as a person, and an athlete, has been cultivated through skiing and would not be possible without the opportunities and support my teachers, coaches, and OMS, in general, has given me.”

Carver Provance- Alpine Ski Racing

Carver has been a student at OMS since 8th grade, but has been a part of the Okemo Competition Center program since he was a young boy. As High School Dean of Academics, Leslie Casano, puts it, “I feel like Caver has been with us since birth,” as he is the last of his siblings to graduate from OMS. Carver is a true Vermonter and truly loves the community of Ludlow, so he has chosen to stick around for awhile longer. We are hoping he joins OMS for a PG year next season!

Maggie Hall- Snowboarding

“I will be attending the University of Tennessee in Knoxville next year. I am interested in majoring in psychology and being on the pre-med track. I do not think I will be competing next year but there is a ski mountain close by in the Smoky Mountains (a surprising fact) that a lot of people go to, so I am looking forward to that. OMS has helped me get to where I am today by teaching me how to be a better student and a better team player. While the rigorous schedule of being an OMS athlete has prepared me for taking my next step into college, being part of such a tight knit community helped me grow into a more outgoing and encouraging friend. Okemo Mountain School has made me the person I am today and I will never forget my amazing four years.”

Chris Savage- Snowboarding

Chris is another Vermont local that has been a part of the OMS and Okemo community since he was a kid. Chris attended OMS as a student-athlete during the 2015/16 season, but then decided to participate in only training so he could pursue his interests at Tech School. Chris has always been a hardworking and passionate athlete that we know will do well in whatever he decides to do in his future!

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Ashley Billings