At Okemo Mountain School we are committed to making our school financially accessible to all accepted student-athletes. 

In setting tuition rates, we work hard to strike a balance between affordability and the financial demands of supporting growth in our academic and athletic programs. Tuition income does not cover all of the school's operating expenses. Significant effort is spent to raise the remaining income necessary to balance the school's budget through fundraising.

Tuition must be paid in full for a student to begin classes or training unless enrolled in an approved payment plan.

Option 1: Pay in Full
Tuition payment will be made in full; tuition rates vary by the date payment is made in full. Please see fee chart below.  

Option 2: Payment Plan
Monthly tuition payments may be be made through Smart Tuition. Smart Tuition offers a payment plan that breaks down educational costs into monthly payments. After enrolling, you make payments to Smart Tuition online or by phone with a checking account, statement savings account, or credit card. You may also sign up to have Smart Tuition automatically deduct your payments.

What's Included & Additional Fees

The Okemo Competition Center weekend program fees, which cover weekend coaching fees, are included in the tuition rate for all OMS student-athletes regardless of term of enrollment. OMS student-athletes do not pay any additional coaching fees to Okemo Mountain Resort. OMS tuition includes weekday coaching fees, teaching fees for courses sent from a student’s sending school, transportation to day trip competitions and other school activities, and costs associated with normal dry land training activities. Please note that an Okemo Season’s Pass is no longer included in tuition to allow families to select the Epic Pass that is right for them and take advantage of the other Epic Pass benefits that are not available as OMS passes.

OMS offers a multi-child family discount. If a family has more than one student-athlete enrolled at OMS, a discount of 5% will be applied to each subsequent tuition rate beyond the first. In a case that siblings are enrolled in different terms, the discount will apply to the lower tuition(s).

Additional costs for all students:

  • Books and special academic supplies, including science lab and art supplies

  • Equipment and athletic clothing,

  • Special trips or activities, competition entry fees, lift ticket expenses for training opportunities at other mountains, overnight trips for training or competition, including athlete and coach lodging, dining, coaches’ expenses, and travel costs.

  • OMARA Membership Dues and Okemo Competition Center Worker Obligation Fees

  • Tuition Refund Insurance: All students – Winter Term, Winter Term training only, Target Term, or Semester 1/2 – must enroll in a tuition refund insurance program that will pay 75% of covered tuition (i.e., “unused” tuition) for medically necessary withdrawals that meet the terms and conditions of coverage – see Tuition Refund Plan brochure for more details. The premium rate is 2.2% of annual covered tuition, which will be billed separately from tuition. Deposit and

Applying for Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid, please visit to fill out an online Parents Financial Statement (PFS). Be sure to associate your application with Okemo Mountain School (SSS school code: 905129). You will also need to supply your 2018 tax returns to the Okemo Mountain School Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee. Please mail these forms to: Okemo Mountain School Attn: Financial Aid Application 53 Main Street Ludlow, VT 05149.

Financial aid is determined separately from admission. However, you must have a completed application or registration form and the accompanying fee on file to be considered. For priority consideration for the 2019-2020 school year, please have the PFS completed and tax returns submitted by May 1, 2019. Award decisions for applications received by May 1 will be made by May 15, 2019. Financial aid will be disbursed after May 15 only if funds are still available.

2019-2020 Tuition Rates

Term Tuition paid by 9/1/19 Tuition paid by 10/1/19 Tuition paid after 10/1/19
Winter Term $27,800 $28,800 $29,800
Target Term A or B $24,100 $25,000 $25,900
Target Term C $18,500 $19,100 $19,700
Semester 1 or 2 $19,800 $20,500 $21,200
Rate per week to add to a target term $1,850 $1,900 $1,950
Winter Term Training Only $14,500 $15,100 $15,700