Join the Campaign for our Community to support all Okemo snow sports athletes; we're excited to dream big about the future of OMS and Okemo snow sports competition programs with the establishment of this annual campaign, our first.

Thank you to all of the generous donors who helped us raise $115,000 to help elevate our programs and continually provide more for all of Okemo's competitive snow sports athletes. 

OMS has given me the opportunity to pursue both academics and athletics at an elite level. The skills I have gained from this experience are innumerable, reaching far beyond the classroom and athletic stage. More than my accomplishments as a student or athlete, OMS has taught me the importance of simply being a good person
— Anna Valentine, Snowboarding, OMS Class of 2018

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The Impact of Annual Giving

OMS supports a full time coaching staff that also works with the Competition Center on the weekends. Without the full time coaching staff to lead each snow sport discipline, including each alpine age group, communication, planning and off-hill athlete support would not be as robust. Furthermore, OMS supports several coaches in working through the off-season to be sure that all of the pieces of the puzzle are in place for a successful season for all Okemo athletes.

Keeping Okemo Mountain School strong benefits the entire Okemo Snow Sports Competition Community and supports the dreams and aspirations of all of the athletes.  At OMS we believe our community is our most valuable resource, which we seek to support with Campaign for our Community. 

Okemo Mountain School is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational institution and all donations are 100% tax deductible.  A donation in any amount is greatly appreciated. Don't forget to check with your employer about corporate matching gifts.

The Okemo Race Program has been my “winter family” for the past eight years. The coaches are amazing mentors in that they always push me past what I thought possible but also ensure I have fun along the way. The coaches celebrated all of my skiing accomplishments, even those from my high school team in Massachusetts.
— Jonah Tobin
Current Competition Center athlete


Double Black Diamond
$5,000 - $9,999


Triple Black Diamond
$10,000 and over

The Mueller Family
Gary Grainger

Blue Square
$1,000 - $2,499

William Raveis Vermont Properties
Diane & Dan Keating
William & Laura Lovejoy
Carole Greenberg
Geoff & April Stein
Rima & Brett Marsche
Russell & Sheelagh Thomson
Michael Tobin & Danna Greenberg
David & Vicki Yurkerwich
Shawn & Michelle Orr
The Bassett Family
Mariann Conlon
David Dwyer
Wendy Neal
The Shea Family
The Caruso Family
The Visco Family

Black Diamond
$2,500 - $4,999

Veronica & Mike Bonnet
Sally & James Young
Margaret Straub
The Hall Family
Ramsey W. Goodrich

Green Circle
$500 - $999

William & Beth Hollis
Rob Weber
Pam & Lee Samuelson
Joseph & Rosie Marie Mecane
Pete Cherasia
Simon & Carol Roe

$1 - $499

Barbara Wiederecht
Craig & Melissa Lampo
Carol & Charlie Robbins
Marna & Tom Whittington
Debra Staniscia
Monica McAndrew
Michael Miller
Tim Meckel
Pat & Suzanna Garvey
Denis & Joann Biglin
The McCusker Family
Stephanie Kohn
Gene Mohan
Jennifer Bennett
Kim & Richard Black
Amanda Van Heyst
Richard White
Marilyn Marshall
Adam Margulies
Kathleen Valentine
Jeanine Baum
Frank Provance
Carol Robbins
Julia Burton
Lori Hammer
Stephen Handley Jr.
Steve & Deanna Mirabile
Ellen & Joseph Naser
Richard & Maureen Owen
Main & Mountain