Okemo Mountain School is a winter term ski and snowboard academy dedicated to delivering a rigorous academic curriculum while providing an intense on-snow training schedule that would not be possible within a traditional school setting.

We assist our student-athletes in the realization of their athletic goals without compromising their academic goals.  Furthermore, our mission is to challenge and support motivated student-athletes to grow into successful individuals.

The Okemo Mountain School community is close-knit and caring.  We value each of our community member’s aspirations and goals and always encourage the achievement of personal bests in all pursuits.  Leading by example, our faculty and staff teach respect for oneself, others, and one’s surroundings. We believe that our student-athletes leave OMS better prepared for their future with a strong sense of independence and outstanding skills in time management.

Most of all, we are passionate about what we do here at OMS.  Our student-athletes love to learn, train, and compete; our faculty and staff love to teach, coach, and inspire.  We invite you to call, email or visit OMS and learn more about the opportunities here!

With warm regards,

Mariel Meringolo
Head of School