Days at Okemo Mountain School are long and challenging but extremely rewarding.  On-snow training, dry land conditioning, academic classes, equipment tuning, and homework make for a busy schedule.   However, the smiles that are seen and the laughter that is heard amongst our student-athletes as they leave each evening are proof that they enjoy the rigors of the day.

Each Tuesday-Friday our student-athletes arrive at OMS at 7:30 am.  After morning sport, the student-athletes gear up at the Okemo Competition Center and load the lift at 8:30 am.  On-hill training then begins.  The alpine ski racing athletes work on drills and fundamentals or training gates on a variety of trails.  Wardance is our dedicated training facility at Okemo and is serviced by the Black Ridge Triple. Okemo also generously provides us with space on Chief for speed training or other trails to meet specific training goals.  The freestyle and snowboard athletes train in the halfpipe or on the OMS terrain park.  The halfpipe and OMS terrain park are serviced by a surface lift which provides our athletes with the chance to stay connected to the snow and lap the park and pipe many times each morning.

After morning on-snow training, our student-athletes are transported back to OMS.  Between 11:45 am and 12:15 pm student-athletes can be found eating lunch before heading off to their first class at 12:20 pm. Student to teacher ratios are generally no more than 2:1 and the focus is on each individual student and meeting their personal academic needs.

Built into each student-athletes afternoon schedule is an 80 minute physical conditioning period.  Athletes work with their coaches to follow a strength and conditioning routine that incorporates strength and plyometric training, agility and balance exercises, and cardiovascular workouts.  On Fridays, the athletes can often be found at the Spring House using the pool for recovery exercises before heading into a weekend of competition.

Mondays provide a brief respite for our student-athletes as they have the morning off from on-snow training.   Since Monday is a day of physical rest, the student-athletes spend their 80 minute conditioning period participating in a variety of enrichment activities. We have presentations in nutrition, injury prevention, sports psychology, equipment tuning, and relaxation yoga sessions.

At the end of each day, the student-athletes do their part to take care of the school and contribute to our community by completing various chores in teams.  Through this process, they learn to care for their surroundings and work together.   Finally at 6 pm, the day is over and student-athletes are picked up by their parents or host families to head home for dinner, homework, and some much needed rest!