OMS Spring/Summer ‘19 Strength + Conditioning PrograM


Okemo Mountain School may only be in session 5 months out of the year, but we support our student-athletes all year long. It is important for snow sport athletes to build strength and endurance in the off-season. This helps athletes perform at the peak of their ability and helps to prevent injury. Our off-season interactive training log is an great tool for OMS athletes.

The workouts will be posted weekly, before each Monday. Athletes will be able to click on the exercise to see a video showing how to perform that specific movement. We encourage athletes to submit questions about the workouts. If an athlete would like feedback on form they can shoot a video and coaches will be able to critique and offer advice. We also encourage everyone to comment about the progress they are making and the goals they are reaching, along with commenting about other athletic endeavors they are currently participating in.

Have fun, work hard, and stay connected. We can make next season a huge success by putting in the effort right now!