Student-Athlete Runs for Campaign for Our Community!

Henry Roe after completing a 10 mile training run!

Henry Roe after completing a 10 mile training run!

An Okemo Mountain School student-athlete, Henry Roe, will be running his first half marathon on September 29th in Bristol, NH. He would like to dedicate his run to the Okemo Community because of all that it has given him. He learned to ski through SnowStars (and mini-Stars at the Penguin Playground). He then joined Amplitude+ and jibbed most of the mountain for a few years. He went on to Hopefuls with the Okemo Competition Center for alpine racing and has been a student at OMS for the past 2 years. He’s also a decent snowboarder and has tried XC and telemark. Henry will do almost anything that involves sliding along snow.

Henry hopes you can relate to something in his Okemo story and would consider donating to the Campaign for Our Community in support of his half-marathon. We think increments of 13 (his finishing run miles) would be a fitting sponsorship.

Your support enables Henry and countless others to immerse themselves in the Okemo and OMS experience, as well as in other athletic and academic pursuits that further their passions and fulfill their dreams.

Ashley Billings