At Okemo Mountain School, we facilitate each student’s individual curriculum from his or her sending school. Our goal is to ensure that our students return to their sending schools in sync with their classmates, having covered all of the same material in the same manner.

Typically our students even return ahead in their coursework, and with a deeper understanding of the course content covered. To achieve this goal of seamless transitions between OMS and sending schools, all of our students’ curriculum plans are completely individualized. Furthermore, students enjoy a low faculty-to-student ratio of one to two.

We facilitate a wide range of courses, including AP and college prep courses, foreign languages, and visual arts. Okemo Mountain School's faculty is comprised of many unique individuals who return to OMS year after year because of their passion and joy in educating OMS students. All of our faculty have a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience that will instill a love of learning in your student. Our teachers enjoy working with a variety of curricula and connecting with students individually.

To best meet the individual student’s needs, our teachers provide enrichment or remediation in addition to delivering sending school course content. Most faculty members hold a master’s or PhD in their field of study.

 We are happy to work with the families of potential new students who may have questions about their child's academic course schedule. Please feel encouraged to reach out to Leslie Cassano, High School Dean of Academics or Kate Foster, Middle School Dean of Academics with any questions you may have.

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Leslie Cassano
High School Dean of Academics

Kate Foster
Middle School Dean of Academics