At Okemo Mountain school we offer a full and all encompassing Strength and Conditioning Program. We focus on basic athletic fundamental movements like running, jumping, and squatting with proper knee, toe, and heel alignment. We build on this by teaching proper lifting form and basic power lifting technique, which are vitally important for the explosive strength needed to be successful in snow sports.

Periodizing training to fit with athlete’s winter competition schedule and other sports is very important for the overall performance and development of athletes. In May, athletes will receive an off-season Strength and Conditioning program. OMS operates November through early April, which also is the primary time for competition. Athletes are pushed to work hard in the off-season to build strength and endurance. We offer four Monday through Friday sessions of OMS Adventure Sports Camp during the summer that run 9 am-4 pm. This is a great opportunity to get in some intense workouts with friends and also explore adventure sports in the Green Mountains that will push athletes physically and mentally.

When athletes get to OMS, our focus is on performing well in competition. When attending OMS, athletes go into a maintenance phase of training that is focused on the strength they built in the off-season. We are blessed to have a very diverse group of athletes here at OMS that compete on a high level not only in the winter, but also on the field when they head back to their sending schools. Our off-season strength and conditioning program can be tailored to fit with athletes other primary sports. Unlike other programs that push for sport specialization and do not customize their programs for individual athletes, we offer a program that will fit with your other sports. A well rounded athlete, especially at the youth levels, is going to go much further and have more long term success than an athlete that specializes at a young age. We are committed to customizing our program for all our athletes and their individual goals.

OMS has a broad range of athlete ages and our program is tailored to meet the needs of a 10 year-old athlete all the way up to an 18 year-old athlete. We conduct fitness testing three times a year to assess athlete’s fitness levels and risk of injury. They take place in the Summer, Fall, and Winter. Our main focus is to build well rounded athletes that are resistant to injury and will have the skills necessary to become amazing athletes.

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