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Lake Placid Dryslope Ramps Camps
Summer 2018

Dates: TBD, Summer 2018
Location: Lake Placid, New York
Sport: Freestyle, Snowboarding
Cost: TBA

The freestyle athletes will have the opportunity to participate in several days of water ramp and trampoline training at the world class facility in Lake Placid with the OMS/Okemo coaches. Water ramp training is essential for all freestyle athletes, beginner through elite, who want to improve their airs, broaden their repertoire of tricks and qualify inverted and off-axis maneuvers. Coaches work 1:1 with athletes to achieve their own personal goals. Various afternoon activities consist of local swimming holes, mini golf, and time on the lake. This is an ideal time to get to know coaches and teammates so you have a head start on the winter competition season. This camp is always a great time and an amazing opportunity for athletes to learn new tricks in a safe environment. (see video)

Several Sessions will be planned for Summer 2018, including week-long and weekend opportunities - check back for dates over the winter of 2018!